Shout Outs

This site has several people to thank and give shout-outs to.

Feld0, main adminstrator of Wii U Forums and Wii U Go.  It’s his forum site that’s hosting the petition and poll (and he was nice enough to even give us our own dedicated spot on the site!), and his news site has given our Operation Moogle a public shout out.  So, to Feld0, we thank you!

The One Who Wrote This (at Wii U Forums…and other forums!), for being a major promoter of this effort from day one, going around to other forums to raise attention of Operation Moogle, digging up tons of soundtracks to go towards the production of the Operation Moogle animator, and serving as one of the administrators on the Operation Moogle Facebook page.  Man, you rule!

FroggyForce (at Wii U Forums), for creating our official Operation Moogle logo and signature image (which is available for Operation Moogle supporters in the Promote This page).  We love it, FroggyForce!  Moar!

Blade (at Wii U Forums), for getting on the ball quick with establishing for us a YouTube Channel and creating its first two videos!  Thanks a lot, dude!  That was mighty sharp of you!  (Pun so intended!)

Robert “Parko” Park, owner of Play Nintendo, for being one of the first to report about Operation Moogle on his news site.  Thank you for your support from the beginning, Parko!

Kirby Freak, owner of Epic Kirby Blog, for also being among the first to report about Operation Moogle on his news site.  We thank you for that, Kirby Freak!

Celestine W., for being an active administrator of the Operation Moogle Facebook page and for helping us hold down the fort during our “off-season.”

Operation Rainfall, for inspiring us (and for proving that this kind of thing can definitely work)!

(We’re sure there’ll be a lot more people to thank in the future, and we’re a little busy at the moment, so this page is subject to coming updates of due thanks.)


9 Responses to Shout Outs

  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out! I am a pretty big fan of the Final Fantasy series and I think a FF HD collection is a fantastic idea. Hopefully Square-Enix listens to the fans!

    • Macro Man Jr. says:

      Thank YOU for your early support! Yeah, we think Square Enix will hear us, thanks to fans like you who help promote this effort!

  2. I hope that this HD Collection will be made!! We will get SE to make this game even if this is the last thing that we will do (though it wont be, because we will get enough support)!!

  3. No credit needed for me. I am just a messenger boy. ^_^

    • Macro Man Jr. says:

      It’s almost a year late (I keep forgetting to check the Comments here!), but no, you’ve been more than a messenger boy, man! Just the Shout Outs now!

      • The One Who Wrote This says:

        Thanks! Happy to help with this! So, when in the summer did you want this to start-up again? June 21st?

      • Macro Man Jr. says:

        Sometime in June. Maybe around the 15th. 🙂

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