Promote This

You can follow support Operation Moogle a number of ways.  First, you can sign the Petition to let your voice be heard and take the Poll to let Square Enix know what we’d like to have on the compilation.

You can also follow our Facebook fan page.

You can Follow us on Twitter.

You can watch any new videos we release and suggest them to friends, and then Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

You can wear our signature images in your favorite forums (signature images located below).

You can contact us with your ideas and suggestions for Operation Moogle, either here or in our suggestions/discussion forum thread.

You can just spread the word about this effort.  Good ol’ fashioned word of mouth goes a long way!


The Official Operation Moogle signature image

This is the original Operation Moogle signature image, created by FroggyForce at the forums.

A Final Fantasy Wii U signature

A nice Operation Moogle signature image showing some love for a Wii U version of the Final Fantasy HD collection. (Still trying to find the person at forums who made this, and when I find them, I'll credit them!)

~ More coming soon!  Keep your shirts on! ~


3 Responses to Promote This

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  2. About the second one, it’s either Gun Goomba or MLdragoMaster who created that one (they created their own versions of the same picture, but they created the base picture).

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