New Screenshots of Elements For Videos Available

To add a little spice to our cause, being included into our montage videos in development is a 3D animation that’ll shake up people’s imagination about this Final Fantasy HD collection.  You can find the first development screenshots here.

This is all in early production, but progress will pick up rather quickly.  This will add more inspiration for our cause, and draw viewers to our YouTube Channel, which is facing a redesign soon.  That way, you’ll have some epic videos to share with your friends, and our cause will be promoted even more.  The more we can inspire people about this collection, the more we’ll gain support for our cause.

This is fun for us, but it’s hard work, too.  We’re doing all the hard parts here.  All you have to do to support Operation Moogle is sign a simple petition (available in two flavors–in a forum site or on a dedicated petition site), and this collection will be that much more of the voice Square Enix wants from us!

So far, we’ve only got 29 combined signatures, but we’ve had over 236 people vote in our poll on this blog site and 18 on the forum site.  We greatly appreciate your participation there.  Taking our poll will tell Square Enix exactly what you’d like on that collection, but signing our petition will tell Square Enix that you want this collection to be made to begin with!

So, pretty please, sign the petition–we’ve made it available it two places for your convenience.  We’ve gone out of the way to make everything as convenient as possible for you to support Operation Moogle.  We all want this Final Fantasy HD collection, but only relatively few of you have spoken up for it!

You can also Follow us on Twitter for updates on these videos in development, and you can join our Facebook fan page for updates on Operation Moogle.  Let’s make this thing happen, because it can only if you speak up with us!

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Operation Moogle Petition Available in Another Location

Due to the rather reserved nature of some people not joining the forum site to sign the Petition in our Operation Moogle Petition Thread and Poll, to make this effort as available as possible to as many people as possible, we’re making the Operation Moogle Petition available in another location.  Here is the link to the new location:

The Operation Moogle Petition – Site #2

Now many people who wanted to support the petition without joining our Petition forum thread can.  Though, we still encourage you to consider joining us at the forum site.  Why?  Because in doing so, you help support our effort in better ensuring that all HD gaming platforms get this possible Final Fantasy HD collection.  For sure, this game would be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 (the interview from Square Enix came in a PS3 gaming news site), but we want to make sure it comes out on the upcoming Wii U as well.  Even if you’re not a fan of Wii U, consider supporting us for your console of choice.

Anyways, we want your support, however you choose to support Operation Moogle.  So please, pass the word along about our effort to friends, game news sites, on your blogs, Twitter–whatever you can!  Just a little mention here and there.  We’ve got some support but we just want a lot more!  The bigger the voice for this collection, the better.  Thanks!

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Just A Word About A Minor Change to the Poll…

I just have to say one thing here: I hope I was clear enough with briefly describing the difference between “Final Fantasy VII (an HD remastering of the original)” and “Final Fantasy VII (an enhanced remake).”

Just to explain to those who might not know, there is a difference between a “remaster” and a “remake”:

A remaster (or remastering) is taking the original content and enhancing that original content with better picture and sound quality.  In this case, it’s taking the original Final Fantasy VII game and making a new copy of that original game, but with digitally-enhanced sound and visual quality to meet the HD standard, and also addressing bugs and errors that may have been in the original.  This makes the original PlayStation game look and sound better with HD quality, but does not make the actual graphics look more realistic.  The game will look like a cleaner PSone version, not a remake with PS3-quality graphics.

A remake (in full, enhanced remake) is taking the original content and reworking that actual content in the game to PS3-level graphics.  This makes the game a complete remake, with new graphics, recorded audio (sound effects and music, and most likely the addition of newly-featured voice acting, and on rare occasions we even get new reveals in the plot that weren’t in the original game).

With video games in general, this is what is meant by “remastered” and “enhanced remake.”  I offered both of these potential versions as a voting choice because there are people who want the original classic just as it was but just enhanced with HD-quality picture and sound, and there are people who want a full remake.

To avoid confusion of people mistaking either one for the other, I just renamed the first choice to “Final Fantasy VII (remastered of the PlayStation original).” Again, EITHER of these possible games would be in HD (thus the whole point of this Final Fantasy HD compilation), but I meant that one would be an remastering to HD quality, while the other would be a full remake that’s natively with HD quality.

I sincerely hope I didn’t cause any confusion there, and that nobody voted for first one mistaking it to mean the second one, or voted for the second one thinking it to mean the first one.  If you did, then may I suggest taking our Poll again?

You can visit this site, join the forum to support Operation Moogle by leaving a single post as your signature in our Petition, and while you’re there, you’ll have access to our Poll again!  You’ll also have access to our Discussion Thread on this forum site, where you can join this effort with contribution (and trust me–every little bit counts). You get to show twice the support for Operation Moogle!

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The Operation Moogle Blog Site Poll

Missed a game in the official Operation Moogle Poll that you meant to include in your voting but forgot?  Maybe you’re just newly visiting this page with interest in seeing your favorite Final Fantasy games included in the collection?  Either way, you can cast your votes here!

The Operation Moogle Blog Site Poll

Thank you for voting and your support for Operation Moogle!  We’re very confident that Square Enix will listen to our voice (esp. since they asked for it), so your voice in our united voice matters!  The more we push for this compilation, the more Square Enix will “seriously consider” doing it as they have said.

And though you’ve taken the poll here, if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to go to the official Operation Moogle Petition and Poll and join our petition.  You’ll even get another round of voting in this poll.  Hey, we can’t have enough voting around here!

Besides supporting our worldwide voice for this dream Final Fantasy collection, you’ll also get to meet some friendly folks down there at Wii U Forums, where our petition is being graciously hosted.  You’ll be supporting both our efforts to have this dream collection made across HD gaming platforms and our Wii U Forum’s  efforts towards making sure such a compilation also gets some love on the upcoming Wii U.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 (and likely, PC) will undoubtedly get this collection (with our campaign’s likely success), but we want to make sure it gets on the Wii U, too.  You can do that by simply joining the Wii U Forums (where we gamers talk about the exciting new Wii U console due in 2012–and we do have a section where we talk about other platforms besides Wii U), reply in the petition, and take our poll (again!  :D).

From one Final Fantasy fan to another, from one gamer to another, please support our campaign as in many ways as you can!  Sign our petition (and take our poll again, if you’d like) on the Wii U Forums.  Wear our signature images in your favorite forums.  Give us a mention on your Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  Use good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth.

Help make this a great moment for Final Fantasy fans, and a shining moment in gaming history!

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The Operation Moogle Petition Thread and Poll–It’s Officially Open!

The title pretty much says it all!  You can find the petition thread and poll here:

The official Operation Moogle Petition Thread and Poll

It’s easy! Just sign up with the forum (we’re a lovable, chilled bunch other there), do a post with your name and a small message to Square Enix, and take the poll above the introduction post. Be sure to read the instruction, and reserve Petition Thread only to your replying post as signatures.

If you have any comments or questions, just leave them in the Comments below. You can also visit the discussion thread and leave them there, or contact me here on the site, or try seeing if our F.A.Q. can help you. Again, please reserve this petition thread for your replying signatures only. We want Square Enix to have pure petition power to respond to!

We’re working on more three YouTube videos for our YouTube Channel and some more signature images will be available pretty soon (to show your support for Operation Moogle in this and all your other forums, with style).

So go out there to the petition and give Square Enix something to hear!

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Our First News Is A Big One–Someone at Square Enix Notices Us!

Earlier today, when I was created the Twitter page for Operation Moogle, where you can follow up on updates on this campaign.  When I did, I immediately Followed several Square Enix employees and company divisions’ Twitter pages.

Well, less than an hour later, I got my first Follower, and it was a BIG one.  A Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Square Enix (in their London division)!  So it’s not just any employee, but an employee with some brass, from the sound of it!

I don’t know how high up an “Senior Digital Marketing Manager” is with Square Enix, but a “Senior” anything is good to get the attention of in a company.  You can check out his “Following” us out at our Twitter page.

Who knows what connections he may have?  Even just as much as a memo from our Square Enix employer friend to someone else higher up in the company is great for our initiative.  After all, someone else higher up at Square Enix themselves (the very producer of the Final Fantasy series, in fact) DID ask for this initiative.

I think someone high up would be glad to get word of our campaign.  And I perhaps we’ll see more support from others at Square Enix on Twitter.  We can certainly hope so!

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Calling All Final Fantasy Fans!!!

If you’ve ever wanted your favorite Final Fantasy games all in one awesome compilation in glorious HD, now is your chance to be heard! Square Enix is listening–let’s give them something to hear!

In a recent interview, Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase said they at Square Enix were undecided at the moment about whether to produce a Final Fantasy HD compilation, but if there was a strong enough voice, they would seriously consider doing it.

Here’s the exact quote:

“We haven’t made up our mind about that yet, but if there was a strong voice coming through from the users asking for such porting, then obviously we would seriously consider it, but no actual plans yet.”

Well, if they want a strong voice, we’ll give them one!  Let’s tell them how much we want this compilation on HD gaming platforms, with Operation Moogle!

Obviously, Operation Rainfall has had an impact on Square Enix, making waves in gaming news and showing the power of gamers uniting to make their voices be heard in DEMANDING games from the industry.  This apparently interests Square Enix.  They want a heavy demand for this compilation.  So if they want one, let’s give them one!

And let’s take it even further–let’s tell them exactly what we want in the compilation, while we’re at it!   If they want us to demand the compilation, let’s give them our demands in full!

We have a petition thread started on a forum site, along with a full-featured poll of the list of Final Fantasy games we would like to see the most in this compilation.   You can find that petition and poll here:

The official Operation Moogle Petition Thread and Poll

While our petition is located within the forums of, a site dedicated to the upcoming Wii U, we did this to make is easy for ourselves, because we there at surely want this compilation.

But joining this petition is effort towards getting this compilation put into production, which would be available for all HD consoles, including PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as the upcoming Wii U platform.  Surely, this petition affects us all!

Our hope is that Square Enix decides to make this compilation to begin with, though.  We’ve got to help make that happen!  Join the petition! Take the poll!  Tell your friends on Facebook!  Join our Facebook fan page!  Tweet about us!  Use our signature for your forum signature!  Get involved!

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