The Operation Moogle F.A.Q.  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where is the petition?

You can reach it right here:

The Petition on forum site (the funner version)

The Petition on Location #2

Where is the poll?

The main poll is on the same place where the petition is being held, and you’ll see it as soon as you visit the page.  Also, there is another instance of the poll currently in development for this site.

Why is the petition available through a forum?

1)  For ease of management.  Setting up a petition with a poll (for free) can be complicated work, and we just wanted to get a petition and poll out there as soon as possible.  It is easier to set up a forum thread and exclusively reserve it for signatures, where the each reply is cast as a signature for the petition, and where each signer can participate with the poll at the same time.  This was easy to set up and manage, thanks to the cooperative and gratitious host of the TheWiiU forum site, Feld0.

I have set up two forums there at TheWiiU.com–a “suggestion box” forum (where anyone can freely toss their ideas out there for this petition effort), and the official petition thread (nearing completion of development).  Feld0 has also offered to help give the effort some shout-out on his Wii U game news site, in addition what promotion of this effort we’ll employ through social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  (I expect more news sites to support this effort.  So if you have a news site, you can help us along as well by giving us a little shout-out!  I will place you in my Shout Outs page.)

2)  For ease of use.  This is an easy way to reply with a signature, cast your votes for what you want to see most on this compilation, have access to our suggestions forum thread, catch up on official Operation Moogle updates, and have a place where you can chat with some pretty cool fans about this Final Fantasy compilation, Wii U and other gaming-related topics–all in one stop.

3)  For support for this compilation to be released on all the HD gaming platforms, including the upcoming Wii U.  This compilation, without question, would be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (and probably PC, too), but we fans at TheWiiU.com want to make sure our console of interest, the Wii U (due in 2012) ALSO gets some love.  Nintendo has been hitting back hard to regain the “core” gamer audience with Wii U, and doing a decent job preparing for it so far, but we want to help them.

If you sign this petition through this forum, you will help support the effort to help ensure our console of personal interest, the Wii U, also gets that support from Square Enix.  While Square Enix has expressed interest in developing for the Wii U, we want to make that “we’re looking into it” into an “absolutely yes!”  I promise you, if you help us, you’ll help yourself win, regardless of platform you want to play this dream compilation on.  And who knows?  You may even become a fan of the Wii U if you’re not already!

Do I need to sign up with the forum site just to participate in the petition?

No.  The forum site is just a funner, more social site for the petition.  We have open an additional location for our petition here.

How can I help promote Operation Moogle?

Sign the petition at either of our two locations.  Participate in the poll.  Send us feedback in the suggestions forum.  Tell your fellow Final Fantasy-lovin’ friends.  Share a post about us on your Facebook page.  Join our Facebook fan page.  Follow us on Twitter.  Visit our Channel on YouTube (available to visit now) and Like the video (when it’s finished).  Give us a shout-out on your blog or gaming news site if you have one.  Wear our Operation Moogle signature image as a signature in your favorite forums.  Make a T-shirt or whatnot and send a picture of it to us (I’ll post it)!  Hire a skywriting aircraft…okay, well, that one’s a bit much, but you catch my drift!


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