We’re Coming Back This Summer!

I told you when summer ended last year, that we won’t end!  😉

In fact, we’re going at it more than ever this year!  Why? Simple.  Technically, the invitation from Square Enix never ended.  Square Enix can still do this.  A Square Enix employee is still following our Twitter page.  And the Nintendo Wii U (just one platform of our interest here) will be released this year and looking for strong third-party game support.  What better way to support the first console of the eighth-generation of consoles than with a long-awaited Final Fantasy HD compilation–something Square Enix could easily do?  But, of course, our effort here is to get this HD compilation on all major HD gaming platforms, not just Wii U.  That’s why we’re so important–it satisfies a wider range of gamers than most other efforts, and is striving to bring not just one or two good games but a bevy of classics together in glorious HD!

Well, as summer draws near to return once again, so does this effort.  Technically, Operation Moogle never actually stopped during the autumn, winter and current spring season, and certainly, we’ve gained some more supporters during that time (and we thank those supporters!), but the promotional efforts we were going for last year kinda came to a hiatus as all schools started back for many of our supporters and work life came back as top priority for other supporters like myself.  But now we’ve got another summer to work with!

And though while this summer, I will be busy with my own endeavors, I will be able to spend some of my attention to this effort, in hopes of picking up where we left off.  We still could use more supporters and there’s still that animation I’d love to do for this effort (I haven’t at all forgotten about it).  And fact, I am better able this year to do it than I was last year!  I’ll put it this way: Summer for me will be working on my game and working on Operation Moogle.

And once my game kicks into high gear (and I’m confident in this game’s success), what better way to promote this effort for a game from Square Enix than from another game developer asking for it?  Last year, we had a difficult time getting news sources to cover us (but we did have some cover us, and we thank them), but I think this year, it shouldn’t be as much as a problem.  Given the sheer quality and scope of my game, I’ll surely be expecting coverage for my game on indie game news sites like IndieGames and TGISource.  Last year, we were only fans asking for it.  This year, we can be fans with one professional developer among them asking for it!  That’ll help get this effort a lot more attention.  And more attention is what we’re after, after all!

We’ve got all summer to do it!  There was no time limit given for this effort, and it’s not like the offer of this compilation is going anywhere.  Developers are listening to fans a little more now than in days of old, and again, Square Enix themselves actually asked for this.  And given the success of Operation Rainfall, the original effort that really inspired this one by having Square Enix asking for one, I see no reason why this one can’t be just as successful!  The ball’s in our court with this one.  See you this summer!


About Macro Man Jr.

Brian Lockett (a.k.a. Macro Man Jr.) is an indie game developer with his company PolyKhrome. Currently, he is working on his company's first game, Cyka, with several other titles to come. He is also currently writing a book on theoretical physics to explain his theory of how the universe exists to the everyday person.
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  3. andyjoe522 says:

    I’m ready for duty, captain!

  4. The One Who Wrote This says:

    Welcome back! 🙂

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