When Summer Ends, We Won’t!

As summer comes to a close soon, and as students go back to school and people go back to work, it’s easy to lose wind with an effort like this one.  But we just want to say that we’re not going to stop with our effort with Operation Moogle!

Since Square Enix hasn’t put any time limit on their request or anything, and since it’s a compilation of games already made that wouldn’t take very long to upscale and compile into a collection, we really don’t have a time limit, except our demand of “as soon as possible.”

Of all the other “Operation” efforts going on out there (and we encourage you to support them–we certainly do), we’re one fan effort that’s not in a rush.  We’re patiently await a response from Square Enix, and we’ll be going on for quite a long time.  We’re confident that our effort will work–it we can garner enough support!

So even as summer draws to a close and daily life will return to normal soon, we will still be here.  In fact, our effort might even increase, thanks to people spreading the word among fellow students and co-workers around the water cooler.  But it’s up to you how successful we are at any time, though.  If you help us, you could soon be coming home from school or work to play some Final Fantasy!

So please sign our Petition, take our Poll, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, spread the word about us, perhaps even submit some Fan Art.  This Final Fantasy HD collection is a rather sure thing, if you’d help make it one.  😉


About Macro Man Jr.

Brian Lockett (a.k.a. Macro Man Jr.) is an indie game developer with his company PolyKhrome. Currently, he is working on his company's first game, Cyka, with several other titles to come. He is also currently writing a book on theoretical physics to explain his theory of how the universe exists to the everyday person.
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