Another Signature Image Available

There’s another signature image available on the Promote This page here.  It’s a signature of a Moogle showing some love for a Wii U version of the Final Fantasy HD collection we’re pushing for here.

We want to see this collection available for ALL Final Fantasy fans with HD gaming platforms, so it’s good to see support for the newest one, the Wii U, to be released in 2012.

There will be more signatures available pretty soon, so stay tuned!  If you have some Operation Moogle signature images you’d like to have placed here, let us know!  We’ll be more than glad to post them up!


About Macro Man Jr.

Brian Lockett (a.k.a. Macro Man Jr.) is an indie game developer with his company PolyKhrome. Currently, he is working on his company's first game, Cyka, with several other titles to come. He is also currently writing a book on theoretical physics to explain his theory of how the universe exists to the everyday person.
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