The Operation Moogle Blog Site Poll

Missed a game in the official Operation Moogle Poll that you meant to include in your voting but forgot?  Maybe you’re just newly visiting this page with interest in seeing your favorite Final Fantasy games included in the collection?  Either way, you can cast your votes here!

The Operation Moogle Blog Site Poll

Thank you for voting and your support for Operation Moogle!  We’re very confident that Square Enix will listen to our voice (esp. since they asked for it), so your voice in our united voice matters!  The more we push for this compilation, the more Square Enix will “seriously consider” doing it as they have said.

And though you’ve taken the poll here, if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to go to the official Operation Moogle Petition and Poll and join our petition.  You’ll even get another round of voting in this poll.  Hey, we can’t have enough voting around here!

Besides supporting our worldwide voice for this dream Final Fantasy collection, you’ll also get to meet some friendly folks down there at Wii U Forums, where our petition is being graciously hosted.  You’ll be supporting both our efforts to have this dream collection made across HD gaming platforms and our Wii U Forum’s  efforts towards making sure such a compilation also gets some love on the upcoming Wii U.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 (and likely, PC) will undoubtedly get this collection (with our campaign’s likely success), but we want to make sure it gets on the Wii U, too.  You can do that by simply joining the Wii U Forums (where we gamers talk about the exciting new Wii U console due in 2012–and we do have a section where we talk about other platforms besides Wii U), reply in the petition, and take our poll (again!  :D).

From one Final Fantasy fan to another, from one gamer to another, please support our campaign as in many ways as you can!  Sign our petition (and take our poll again, if you’d like) on the Wii U Forums.  Wear our signature images in your favorite forums.  Give us a mention on your Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.  Use good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth.

Help make this a great moment for Final Fantasy fans, and a shining moment in gaming history!


About Macro Man Jr.

Brian Lockett (a.k.a. Macro Man Jr.) is an indie game developer with his company PolyKhrome. Currently, he is working on his company's first game, Cyka, with several other titles to come. He is also currently writing a book on theoretical physics to explain his theory of how the universe exists to the everyday person.
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  1. Please vote for FFV! It was great!!

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