We’re Back! (And we’re already starting on our first fan-created animation!)

Howdy, folks!  Summer’s back and while it may be hot outside where you are (if you live in the States where I live, anyways), we’re about to experience some serious cool.  Picking up right where we left off, we’re giving our voice to Square Enix with a creative effort.  I’m currently working on the animation I started last year, and since I’ve got some new software and a much better computer since then, this should be very pleasant experience.

So far, I’ve got a desert canyon terrain which is loosely inspired by Cosmo Canyon in Final Fantasy VII and Sanubia Desert in Final Fantasy X.  Here’s some screenshots of it in production:

Operation Moogle desert canyon

A shot of the Operation Moogle desert terrain in production. Can you just imagine a character standing on that cliff?

Operation Moogle desert canyon (shot 02)

A shot of the Operation Moogle desert terrain in production. The hills are alive with the sound of Moogle…

Early form of desert canyon

Here’s the earlier form of the desert canyon.

This animation is a lot of fun, and I’m just going to have fun with this.  And I’ve found working on this desert canyon scene quite useful in more than one way, because I can use the same sky I rendered here for a different canyon terrain map I’m using in an indie game which I’m working on.  But I’m just one fan here–if you’ve got ideas for this animation, or even some ideas for other Operation Moogle animations of pretty much any style (I’d love to help create another one!), please say something!

So far, I’m really just kinda developing on-the-fly here with a few ideas in mind.  So far, I’m working with the idea of this desert scene where it’s going to have five classic Final Fantasy heroes and five classic Final Fantasy villains from five favorites in the FF series, all headed for something in the distance.  As they head there, they engage in a highly-stylized cross-series bout for about three action-packed minutes, all while racing towards that something in the distance.

And then, near the end of the animation, when they’ll finally reach their destination, they’re going to find a giant glowing “Operation Moogle” logo with a several transparent planes revolving around it.  Each of the revolving planes will show video of gameplay scenes from classic Final Fantasy games.  The ten character will then step into this glowing logo, and then a short compilation of Final Fantasy games will be shown in a montage together, driving home the fact that, yes, we want that Final Fantasy HD compilation, Square Enix!

That’s pretty much what I’m headed for so far, but hey, don’t let me do all the talking!  Got an idea?  Let me know!  Also, if you’d like to contribute something to this animation, hey, let me know!  And if you even want to make your own created animation to put in our Operation Moogle YouTube channel, hey, let us know!  We’re in this together!

– Brian aka Macro Man Jr.

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Just a little something from awesomeness from Square Enix

It’s not Final Fantasy, but it’s still awesomeness from Square Enix nonetheless!  Many Final Fantasy fans are Kingdom Hearts fans, so I thought I’d just share this–in case you haven’t seen this already!  Just a little E3 excitement before our return this summer.  Be sure to watch it in full glorious 1080p, if you can.  Enjoy this upcoming E3 everyone!

– Brian

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We’re Coming Back This Summer!

I told you when summer ended last year, that we won’t end!  😉

In fact, we’re going at it more than ever this year!  Why? Simple.  Technically, the invitation from Square Enix never ended.  Square Enix can still do this.  A Square Enix employee is still following our Twitter page.  And the Nintendo Wii U (just one platform of our interest here) will be released this year and looking for strong third-party game support.  What better way to support the first console of the eighth-generation of consoles than with a long-awaited Final Fantasy HD compilation–something Square Enix could easily do?  But, of course, our effort here is to get this HD compilation on all major HD gaming platforms, not just Wii U.  That’s why we’re so important–it satisfies a wider range of gamers than most other efforts, and is striving to bring not just one or two good games but a bevy of classics together in glorious HD!

Well, as summer draws near to return once again, so does this effort.  Technically, Operation Moogle never actually stopped during the autumn, winter and current spring season, and certainly, we’ve gained some more supporters during that time (and we thank those supporters!), but the promotional efforts we were going for last year kinda came to a hiatus as all schools started back for many of our supporters and work life came back as top priority for other supporters like myself.  But now we’ve got another summer to work with!

And though while this summer, I will be busy with my own endeavors, I will be able to spend some of my attention to this effort, in hopes of picking up where we left off.  We still could use more supporters and there’s still that animation I’d love to do for this effort (I haven’t at all forgotten about it).  And fact, I am better able this year to do it than I was last year!  I’ll put it this way: Summer for me will be working on my game and working on Operation Moogle.

And once my game kicks into high gear (and I’m confident in this game’s success), what better way to promote this effort for a game from Square Enix than from another game developer asking for it?  Last year, we had a difficult time getting news sources to cover us (but we did have some cover us, and we thank them), but I think this year, it shouldn’t be as much as a problem.  Given the sheer quality and scope of my game, I’ll surely be expecting coverage for my game on indie game news sites like IndieGames and TGISource.  Last year, we were only fans asking for it.  This year, we can be fans with one professional developer among them asking for it!  That’ll help get this effort a lot more attention.  And more attention is what we’re after, after all!

We’ve got all summer to do it!  There was no time limit given for this effort, and it’s not like the offer of this compilation is going anywhere.  Developers are listening to fans a little more now than in days of old, and again, Square Enix themselves actually asked for this.  And given the success of Operation Rainfall, the original effort that really inspired this one by having Square Enix asking for one, I see no reason why this one can’t be just as successful!  The ball’s in our court with this one.  See you this summer!

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When Summer Ends, We Won’t!

As summer comes to a close soon, and as students go back to school and people go back to work, it’s easy to lose wind with an effort like this one.  But we just want to say that we’re not going to stop with our effort with Operation Moogle!

Since Square Enix hasn’t put any time limit on their request or anything, and since it’s a compilation of games already made that wouldn’t take very long to upscale and compile into a collection, we really don’t have a time limit, except our demand of “as soon as possible.”

Of all the other “Operation” efforts going on out there (and we encourage you to support them–we certainly do), we’re one fan effort that’s not in a rush.  We’re patiently await a response from Square Enix, and we’ll be going on for quite a long time.  We’re confident that our effort will work–it we can garner enough support!

So even as summer draws to a close and daily life will return to normal soon, we will still be here.  In fact, our effort might even increase, thanks to people spreading the word among fellow students and co-workers around the water cooler.  But it’s up to you how successful we are at any time, though.  If you help us, you could soon be coming home from school or work to play some Final Fantasy!

So please sign our Petition, take our Poll, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, spread the word about us, perhaps even submit some Fan Art.  This Final Fantasy HD collection is a rather sure thing, if you’d help make it one.  😉

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The Fan Art Corner Is Open For Business!

Check it out–we’ve just added the new Fan Art page and it’s ready to show your Final Fantasy-lovin’ fan art!  If you visit the page right now, you’ll find a few encouraging words and a few submission guidelines to follow, but as you’ll notice, we don’t have any fan art yet  So send us your fan art!  And have fun with it!

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Operation Moogle Fan Art Corner Coming Soon!

Hey, do you have drawings of your favorite Final Fantasy characters?  Would you like to see them here on the Operation Moogle blog site?  Send them in, and we’ll post them!

Show the world your creativity and love for Final Fantasy here, and show Square Enix just how much we appreciate the Final Fantasy games as fans.  We’ll be having a Fan Art page here pretty soon–as soon as we gather some content for it!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Picasso or not–just enjoy your drawing and send it in!  It’s all just for fun, and just for a creative way to show more fan-driven support in pushing for a Final Fantasy HD collection to reality!  And we’ll put them up only allowing positive comments about them, and just have a good time with seeing your art.

So, if you have a picture you’d like to share with us, contact us here by e-mail and send us your image.   We’d love to see them  We look forward to seeing some of your fun creativity and love for Final Fantasy!

P.S. – Even pictures of cosplay count for this Fan Art section!

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Another Signature Image Available

There’s another signature image available on the Promote This page here.  It’s a signature of a Moogle showing some love for a Wii U version of the Final Fantasy HD collection we’re pushing for here.

We want to see this collection available for ALL Final Fantasy fans with HD gaming platforms, so it’s good to see support for the newest one, the Wii U, to be released in 2012.

There will be more signatures available pretty soon, so stay tuned!  If you have some Operation Moogle signature images you’d like to have placed here, let us know!  We’ll be more than glad to post them up!

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